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The final quest, Labryinth of the Ancients has you walking up to the door of the Crystal Tower. Upon reaching it, you will view a cutscene and then be given access to the Raid. Queue up for it. Final Fantasy Patch 5.3 has streamlined the original Main Scenario questline from A Realm Reborn, but a couple new requirements have been added. One of these is the Crystal Tower storyline, and you can't wrap up the post-A Realm Reborn story until you've finished the quest The Light of Hope. This quest is at the far end of the Crystal Tower arc, meaning you'll need to clear all. Crystal Tower is a level 50 dungeon divided into many sections. The first section, Labyrinth of the Ancients, requires a full raid of 24 players with average iLvl (item level) of 55 or higher. To unlock the dungeon, players are required to be on the quest Labyrinth of the Ancients and have completed the quest A Performance for the Ages Final Fantasy 14 - Labyrinth of the Ancients / Syrcus Tower / World of Darkness Alliance Raid Guide (Level 50) Disclaimer: Square have provided me with timec.. How to unlock Crystal Tower? You must complete the quest chain that starts with A Legacy of Allag from Mor Dhona. CT is a the first 24-man instanced dungeon released in Patch 2.1. You may enter as an eight-man group in the Duty Finder, and be matched with 2 more random 8-man groups

Published on Dec 22, 2013 In this long episode, I do the quest to unlock the new 24 man raid introduced in 2.1 called Crystal Tower. The quest involves retrieving four flawless crystals from four.. The Crystal Tower is a 24 man Raid available to players after they complete the main story, as it was in 2.0. Before you are able to enter the tower, you must complete a series of quests, starting.. So expect to see nothing but Crystal Tower for alliance roulette. That's pretty typical for these days, just easier to access due to the lower level requirement. And people were cheesing them (un-equipping gear to ensure that was what they got) for easy tomestones I think, 50 of the higher grade ones for the daily roulette at level 80

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Unlocked upon completion The Gridanian Envoy, The Lominsan Envoy, The Ul'dahn Envoy Main Storyline Quest. Party Finder System: Unlocked after completing Sastasha (note: this does not automatically become available at level 15 like many guides indicate). Coeurl Kitten (Minion): Unlocked on completion of Curiosity Killed the Coeurl sidequest CRYSTAL TOWER. With the new 24-player raid roulette coming out in patch 4.1, the following is a brief raid refresher that hits the salient points of all the fights in case the veterans need their memory jogged about a certain mechanic. Currently it is not known how the 24-man roulette will handle level sync and gear sync. While it is most. Summary: There are 24 players in one quest. This means the quest is not as easy as other quests you're able to join throughout the game. You need to do a couple of FATEs and a little bit of a background story telling from the quest. The tower is being guarded by 4 Elemental defenses, so you need to grind FATEs from here on Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.3 is finally coming soon, and with it, a big revamp for A Realm Reborn's main story. The devs announced ages ago that patch 5.3 would make the Crystal Tower raids a. These quests relate to the access to, and exploration of, the Crystal Tower - an ancient Allagan structure. Adventurers can explore the bottom section of the tower, known as the Labyrinth of the Ancients, and the following section, known as Syrcus Tower

Just a reminder, despite yoshida saying before you won't need to run crystal tower for shadowbringers then later says it's linked, it's a good idea to double check you've completed the entire questline. (Officially ends with This quest specifically.) For an obvious reason. 29 comments. share. save. hide. report. 40% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes. FFXIV Unlock Alliance Raid Crystal Tower - Legacy of Allag - A Realm Reborn PLAYLIST Alliance Raid Crystal Tower: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH.. Hey guys. Here is my dungeon guide on the Crystal Tower's first floor: Labyrinth of the Ancients, the new 24 man raid in FFXIV: ARR. Facebook: www.facebook.c..

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  1. The Crystal Tower is a dungeon divide into many different sections in Final Fantasy XIV. This guide will help players learn how to unlock this location with Patch 5.3. Final Fantasy XIV is one of the world's most popular MMORPGs.Millions of players log in every day and live out their wildest fantasy while making friends along the way
  2. Crystal Tower is one of the activities of Final Fantasy XIV, that the questline requires completion of a few fates, so you may want to get started unlocking it ahead of time. How do I unlock CT in the game? And SseGold.com to learn about the Final Fantasy XIV Crystal Tower Guide
  3. also go do Crystal Tower if you haven't ready. level 1. 501 points · 6 months ago. I am actually surprised they didn't do this sooner, since everything that took place in that raid quest series is extremely important to the 5.0+ MSQ. level 2. 207 points · 6 months ago. Due to the timey-wimey stuff, it is still consistent to have never completed the Crystal Tower raids and still meet the.

Hello there and welcome to our completely overhauled FFXIV Job Unlocking & Requirements Guide!This guide is updated up to Shadowbringers!Let's get right to it, straight to a summary table! Althrough I have a feeling you're here for Dancer or Gunbreaker, lol.. If you're confused, or maybe looking for a base class - look at the notes below the table ::Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn:: Syrcus Tower Part One Quick highlights of the first two wings of Syrcus Tower. Questions? Comments? LET ME KNOW! Music:..

Hello, So I'm not a raider at all. I've used Party Finder only to join (and sometimes create) groups for EX Primal Farms. I'm wondering what way is the best way to clear Crystal Tower unsynced, since the story will nearly require us to complete it (not technically required, but we should for the story to make sense) FFXIV Crystal Tower Guide . Everything you need to know about the Crystal Tower: Labyrinth of the Ancients. Overview; Reviews (1) Discussion Crystal Tower: Labyrinth of the Ancients Party Size: 24 players (three parties of eight) Time Limit: 120 minutes Location: Mor Dhona (X:30, Y:12) Requirements Quest: Labyrinth of the Ancients Level: Level 50 Item Level: 50 or above How to Unlock the. The Crystal Tower is an immense structure of ancient Allagan origin. There are multiple levels to this dungeon, all of which are open for adventurers to explore. Labyrinth of the Ancients (Patch 2.1) (Unlock Quest) Syrcus Tower (Patch 2.3) (Unlock Quest) The World of Darkness (Patch 2.5) (Unlock Quest The following quests must be completed to access the Patch 5.3 main scenario, which will be released on August 11. Chronicles of a New Era - The Crystal Tower: The Light of Hope One of the following sidequests: My Little Chocobo (Twin Adder), My Little Chocobo (Maelstrom), My Little Chocobo (Immortal Flames) If you have yet to complete these quests, now is your chance to prepare for the. Unlocks Syrcus Tower: The World of Darkness (Quest) 50: Rammbroes: Mor Dhona (x30,y12) 0: 3752 : Unlocks The World of Darkness: The Light of Hope: 50: Rammbroes: Mor Dhona (x30,y12) 0: 658: But I Hardly Noah: 50: Syele: Mor Dhona (x30,y12) 0: 758: The Gift of the Archmagus: 50: Koh Rabntah: Mor Dhona (x21,y8) 0: 0, Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Retrieved from https://ffxiv.

The Item Level 120 gear can be upgraded into i130 with items rewarded by the weekly quest unlocked through the Crystal Tower, or through rewards from the Final Coil, by trading them in with the NPC Drake (North Shroud, village on the top right). The i130 variants can be dyed Final Fantasy XIV's robust vanity system and in-game camera mean that players tend to take cosmetics very, very seriously.. Whether it's grinding for hours in hopes of acquiring a coveted glamour piece or spending actual money on Fantasias—potions that allow players to change any aspect of their character's appearance, race, or gender—FFXIV players have been known to go the extra. Home » Guides » FFXIV Patch 5.3: How to Continue MSQ (Reflections in Crystal) Share; Tweet; Night Mode. After a long wait, patch 5.3 is finally available in Final Fantasy XIV, and it's a big.

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