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Release und Plattformen Dead or Alive 6 soll im Frühjahr 2019 für PC, PlayStation 4 und Xbox One erscheinen Dead or Alive 6 is a fighting game developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo in the Dead or Alive series as a sequel to Dead or Alive 5. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 1, 2019 Demnach wird Dead or Alive 6 ab dem 15. Februar 2019 im Handel stehen. Der Release wurde für PS4 und Xbox One angekündigt, wobei auch die Xbox One X ganz offiziell unterstützt wird. Doch Details zu..

Koei Tecmo bestätigt die Veröffentlichung von Dead or Alive 6 für den 15. Februar 2019. Die Rückkehr der ikonischen Beat'em-Up-Reihe erscheint für PlayStation 4, Xbox One und über Steam auch für.. Koei Tecmo Europe hat den Release-Termin von Dead or Alive 6 bestätigt. Der neueste Teil der Reihe erscheint demnach am 15. Februar 2019 für Xbox One und PlayStation 4 im Handel und digital für PC

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Ursprünglich sollte Dead or Alive 6 am 15. Februar in den Ladenregalen stehen. Der Release wurde nun auf den 01 Die Veröffentlichung von Dead or Alive 6 (jetzt kaufen 15,59 €) ist um zwei Wochen verschoben worden. Neuer Releastermin ist der 1. März 2019. Team Ninjas Beat 'em Up sollte ursprünglich am 15 Dead or Alive 6 - Vorschau / Preview. Tosendes Handkanten-Gewitter mit vielen Detailverbesserungen. Vorschau 21. Jan 2019. Pfeilschnelles Gameplay, durchtrainierte Kämpferinnen in verführerischen Outfits, interaktive Arenen und eine gestochen scharfe Optik - seit mehr als 22 Jahren buhlt Dead or Alive mit diesen Eigenschaften um die Gunst von Beat'em-Up-Fans weltweit. Am 1. März 2019. The DEAD OR ALIVE franchise is a AAA fighting game series produced by Koei Tecmo Games' Team NINJA. Composed of fast-paced 3D fighting games that began with the original DEAD OR ALIVE arcade game in 1996, and have since appeared on a multitude of consoles and arcade machines around the world. In DEAD OR ALIVE 6, the world of DOA is brought back.

Dead or Alive 6 (also known as DOA6) is the sixth main versus-fighting installment in the Dead or Alive franchise. It was announced on June 8th 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It was released worldwide on March 1st, 2019. It was also released in the Arcades in Japan on July 18, 2019.1 Running on a new engine for the eighth generation of consoles, new features include visible damage. Dead or Alive 6 Release: 01.03.19. Mehr Informationen zu Dead or Alive 6, weitere Spiele & mehr findest du auf Spiele-Release.d Release: 01.03.2019. Plattformen: Windows PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4. Hersteller: Koei Tecmo . Genres: Actionspiele, Beat em Up Spiele. Mehr zu Dead or Alive 6: News, Test, Galerie. Dead or Alive. Release: 01.03.2019. 01.03.2019. 01.03.2019. 01.03.2019. 01.03.2019 Zusätzlich kann man als neues Element in der Kampfwelt von Dead or Alive 6 besondere Attacken starten, für die die so.

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10.09.2018 15:08 Uhr Koei Tecmo bestätigt die Veröffentlichung von Dead or Alive 6 für den 15. Februar 2019. Die Rückkehr der ikonischen Beat'em-Up-Reihe erscheint für PlayStation 4, Xbox One und.. DEAD OR ALIVE 6 will officially launch worldwide on February 15, 2019 for PS4. Coupled with the official release date, Team NINJA revealed the first details.

Dead or Alive 6 - Release Date Trailer. Beat 'em up von Team Ninja / Koei Tecmo für PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Dead or Alive 6: Koei Tecmo enthüllt Release im neuen Trailer zum Kampfspiel Das Team von Koei Tecmo hat im Rahmen der PlayStation-Show im Vorfeld der Tokyo Game Show einen neuen Trailer zu Dead.

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Die Geschichte von DEAD OR ALIVE 6 setzt dort an, wo der Vorgänger aufgehört hat und lässt viele bekannte Charaktere aus dem Dead-or-Alive-Universum, wie Kasumi und Ryu Hayabusa, gegen zahlreiche neue Figuren antreten. Zu den Highlights der zahlreichen neuen Arenen, zählt Forbidden Fortune. Beginnend auf dem Deck eines alten Piratenschiffes, setzt sich der Kampf in dieser dynamischen Arena. Neuer Release-Termin: Dead or Alive 6 kommt am 1. März 2019. Ursprünglich hatte Koei Tecmo vor, Dead or Alive 6 Mitte Februar zu veröffentlichen. Aber daraus wird nichts. Per Tweet erklärt der Publisher, dass Dead or Alive 6 zwei Wochen später erhältlich sein wird, konkret am 1. März 2019. Ich bedaure aufrichtig die Unannehmlichkeiten, die durch die Verzögerung der Veröffentlichung.

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  1. DEAD OR ALIVE 6 | Release Date Trailer Get ready fighters because DEAD OR ALIVE 6 will officially be released worldwide on February 15, 2019. It will be available across digital and retail.
  2. Eigentlich sollte Dead or Alive 6 bereits im kommenden Monat, am 15. Februar 2019 erscheinen, doch wie der Entwickler Team Ninja jetzt die Spieler über die offizielle Homepage informierte, wurde.
  3. Check out our Livestream! http://twitch.tv/maximilian_dood My official hardware provider is ASUS ROG, check 'em out! http://rogarena.com Get 10% off X-Spl..
  4. Mit Dead or Alive 6, das war schon länger bekannt, wird die populäre Beat'em-Up-Reihe auf den aktuellen Plattformen abermals fortgesetzt.Bis dato galt Anfang 2019 als grober Release-Zeitraum, doch jetzt haben die Mannen von Koei Tecmo Nägel mit Köpfen gemacht. Erfreulich: Das bisher kommunizierte Zeitfenster kann eingehalten werden und eine Verschiebung ist nach aktuellem Stand nicht.

DEAD OR ALIVE 6 | 3.1.201 For Dead or Alive 6 on the PlayStation 4, the GameFAQs information page shows all known release data and credits DEAD OR ALIVE 6 erscheint am 15. Februar 2019 für PlayStation 4 im Handel Dead Or Alive 6 is out now on Steam, with a small launch discount bringing it to £49.49/€62.99/$53.99. Oof that Euro pricing is harsh. You can also spend ha ha WHAT £73.99/€89.99/$92.99 on the Season Pass 1 for new costumes and characters, which doesn't even necessarily cover all DLC released over its March-June run. And it's likely more will follow, given the 1 in the name and.

Dead or Alive 6 has officially released on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. KOEI Tecmo America released a new trailer for the launch on their official YouTube channel. Also, details of Season Pass 1 reveal two new fighters from SNK's The King of Fighters XIV, including Mai Shiranui and 62 new costumes. The Season Pass 1 will only be available for purchase between March and June. As well as a. Dead Or Alive 6 - Core Fighters With the release of Dead or Alive 6, so far the fan and critical response for the game has been very good. Given that it has been such a long time since the last. Koei Tecmo, The free version of Dead or Alive 6, Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This version of the Dead or Alive 6 similar to the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters version. It's coming with four playable characters: Kasumi, Hitomi, Diego, Bass. You [ The official Dead or Alive Twitter account is teasing a possible release of a demo for the upcoming fighter. With Dead or Alive 6 coming out in roughly a month, it only makes sense that a demo is. For Dead or Alive 6 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Update release question?

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  1. Release Role Dead or Alive 6: 2019 Rig (uncredited) External links [edit | edit source] IMDb: Kyle Hebert; v · e · d. Actors. Japanese voice cast Current cast members Mai Aizawa • Nobutoshi Canna • Moriya Endo • Banjō Ginga • Kaede Hondo • Hideyuki Hori • Yui Horie • Tetsu Inada • Ayako Kawasumi • Yumi Kakazu • Ami Koshimizu • Yuka Koyama • Houko Kuwashima • Hikar
  2. Dead Or Alive 6 - Official Release Date Trailer Dead or Alive 6 will officially launch worldwide on February 15, 2019 for PS4/Xbox One & PC Steam. Dead Or Alive 6 - Three Rumble Ready Fighters..
  3. Dead or Alive 6 Released [Mar 01, 2019, 11:14 am ET] - 9 Comments Dead or Alive 6 is now available for PC and consoles, and the Windows edition can be found on Steam, and those who pick up the brawler sequel this month will receive an early purchase bonus of an additional character and an extra alternate costume
  4. Published on December 13, 2019 Home » News » Dead or Alive 6's New DLC Character Rachel Gets Release Date Alongside New Update If you're eager to play Rachel in Dead or Alive 6, the wait is close..
  5. Team NINJA is proud to announce the triumphant return of the celebrated DEAD OR ALIVE fighting game franchise with DEAD OR ALIVE 6, currently in development for PlayStation®4 Computer Entertainment System. Aspiring fighters will be able to experience the sixth DEAD OR ALIVE World Combat Championship in Early 2019; and every fight will be presented in amazing detail, allowing fans to discern.
  6. This is just the latest in a run of season passes to hit Team Ninja's flagship fighter since its release back in March 2019. Since launch, over $340 in passes have been released for Dead or Alive..

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Dead or Alive 6 - Tamaki available soon March 8, 2020 By Chris Watson Koei Tecmo has released the release date for the next DLC character in 'Dead or Alive 6', with Tamaki honoring this time. Tamaki belongs to the rather younger roster and appeared for the first time in 2017 in the PC version of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation Dead or Alive 6 is coming out on February 15, 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Publisher Koei Tecmo unveiled the release date for the sixth part of the cult Japanese fighting today during the Tokyo. Summary: DEAD OR ALIVE 6 is a fast-paced 3D fighting game, produced by Koei Tecmo Games, featuring graphics and multi-tiered stages that create a truly entertaining competitive experience. The story follows the events of DEAD OR ALIVE 5, focusing on 2 separate main narratives; namely, the battle DEAD OR ALIVE 6 is a fast-paced 3D fighting game, produced by Koei Tecmo Games, featuring graphics. Dead or Alive 6 : Neuer Trailer enthüllt Release-Termin des Prüglers | xboxfront.de - Das online Magazin für Xbox Fans. Hier findet der Gamer alles zum Thema Xbox und Xbox Live, z.b.: Topaktuelle Szene News, Spiele, Tests, Videos, Previews, Reviews, Tipps, Screenshots, Bilder, Trailer, Forum, etc. XboxFront ist ein MUSS für alle Xbox Gamer Dead or Alive 6 wird Features der Xbox One und PS4 voll ausreizen. 24.09.2014 um 10:36 Uhr von Peter Grubmair - Die meisten Gamer dürften sich noch auf Dead or Alive 5: Last Round freuen, welches im Frühjahr 2014 erscheinen wird, da verrät uns Yosuke Hayashi schon Neuigkeiten zu Dead or Alive 6, welches die Features der neuen Konsolen voll ausreizen soll

The free version of the newest installment of the leading fighting entertainment franchise - DEAD OR ALIVE 6! This is a free version which allows use of many game modes, including online matches. However, only a limited number of playable characters is available, and the Story mode will be locked. The remaining characters and the Story mode can be purchased separately as downloadable content With the launch date trailer for Dead or Alive 6 released we can see some of the action as well as a glimpse into the story. This next game is looking to be as kick ass as always and shows lots of returning characters in their roster. With plenty more to find out about Dead or Alive 6 prior to launch, we can at least plan for it's launch on February 15, 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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  1. Dead or Alive 6 - Modding Thread and Discussion Sign in to follow this their customers instead of charging them with overpriced fanservice costumes,for a half finished game..After all,in 6 months they will probably release a complete version like they do with all their games..Anyway,I'll stop here cause I haven't bought the game and I prolly won't so yeah.. 0. Share this post. Link to.
  2. Dead or Alive 6 is the newest fighting game in the long-running series. The new Season Pass included with update 1.21 is available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Season Pass includes 50 costumes and a new character during the period of January 2020 to March 2020. There are also two additional bonus costumes
  3. Dead or Alive 6 released. New entry in the fighting game franchise is out today. Posted on Mar 1, 2019 - 4:54pm EST. KOEI TECMO America and Team NINJA have launched Dead or Alive 6 today. Dead or.
  4. Dead or Alive 6 wird am 1. März für den PC, die Xbox One und die PlayStation 4 veröffentlicht
  5. Dead or Alive 6: Mehr Zeit für den Feinschliff benötigt - Release erst Anfang März. Von. Tommes - 8. Januar 2019. Koei Tecmo Games hat angekündigt, das Veröffentlichungsdatum von Dead or Alive 6 vom 15. Februar auf den 01. März zu verschieben. Die Verzögerung ist offenbar auf den Wunsch des Teams zurückzuführen, da man noch etwas mehr Zeit für den letzten Feinschliff benötige.
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Players have known for a while that Dead or Alive 6 would be receiving a new playable character next month, and now we know exactly who they are — which should make some fans quite happy It's trivial compared to Dead or Alive 6's first season pass. The pass contains 62 costumes and two playable characters which will all be released between March 2019 and June 2019. That's a. Dead or Alive 6 comes out on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 1. In other Dead or Alive 6 news, Mai Shiranui from the King of Fighters series makes her return to as a DLC character with the.. During Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show event earlier this morning, Koei Tecmo revealed a new trailer for Dead Or Alive 6, which also confirmed its release date -- February 15, 2019. That gives us a. Die Preise sind natürlich hart. Ich hoffe ja, dass sie wie bei Teil 5 eine Ultimate Edition bringen, da ist dann fast alles drin. Ich habe die DoA 5 Ultimate damals für etwa 40 Euro für die PS3 gekauft


  1. Zum Thema: Dead or Alive 6: Raidou und Chinese Festival-Stage enthüllt Wir planen, eine kostenlose Version zu erschaffen. Aber wir haben noch nicht bekanntgegeben, wann sie verfügbar sein wird
  2. Dead or Alive 6 Ultimate is an expansion version of Dead or Alive 6 Gaiden that is developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo. 1 Exclusive Changes & Additions 2 Characters 2.1 Dead or Alive 6 Characters 2.2 New Characters 3 Stages 4 Trivia New costumes have been added for all the Dead or Alive 6 characters. Some of the characters that appeared in Dead or Alive 6 have been given new.
  3. Dead or Alive 6: Release-Trailer soll neue Grafik-Engine vorführen. Diskutiere und helfe bei Dead or Alive 6: Release-Trailer soll neue Grafik-Engine vorführen im Bereich PCGH-Neuigkeiten im SysProfile Forum bei einer Lösung; Dead or Alive 6: Release-Trailer soll neue Grafik-Engine vorführen Das Team von Koei Tecmo hat passend zum Release einen neuen Trailer zu Dead or..
  4. Dead or Alive 6 is finally upon us, and with that comes several months of waiting to see which characters will make the launch roster. If you're having a hard time keeping up to date, don't worry, this article will be continuously updated with the latest information on DOA6 confirmed characters. If you need to know the confirmed Dead or Alive 6 characters, we've got you covered between.
  5. This item will be released on November 19, 2020. Xbox One $59.99 $ 59. 99. Pre-order Price Guarantee. Get it as soon as Thu, Nov 19. FREE Shipping by Amazon . This item will be released on November 19, 2020. Xbox One Digital Code $59.99 $ 59. 99. This item will be available on November 19, 2020. Other format: PC DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 3: SCARLET (ENGLISH SUBS) for PlayStation 4 [PS4] ESRB Rating.
  6. Nachdem zuletzt mit Diego und dem aus Dead or Alive 5 bekannten Rig zwei Charaktere Einzug in den offiziellen Launch-Roster von Dead or Alive 6 gefunden haben, werden nun auf der diesjährigen Gamescom 2018 (21.8.2018 . Nach eigenen Angaben will SNK die Retro-Konsole Neo Geo Mini bereits am 10. September 2018, also kommende Woche, in Europa.
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Curious about the recently-released Dead or Alive 6, but aren't sure you want to shell out 60 bucks?Well, you're in luck, because Koei Tecmo has released the free-to-play Dead or Alive 6: Core. We are starting to see E3 news trickle in for Nintendo fans this weekend. EA kicked things off with FIFA '19, but this wasn't the only game to get some Nintendo-related news. Earlier today, IGN interviewed the team behind Dead or Alive 6. The game is slated to release early next year on Playstation 4

Today Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja kept the promise to add online lobbies to their recently-released fighting game Dead or Alive 6.. The update weighs 45.16 megabytes and is numbered 1.05 on PS4, and. Dead or Alive 6 features a vast roster, featuring some of the series' best-loved and most iconic characters, returning to do battle with fresh new outfits, moves and storylines. Zack Tina Phase 4 Raidou Leifang Kokoro Nyotengu Nico Mila Bass Eliot Bayman Hitomi Ayane Brad Marie Helena Lisa Hayate Kasumi Hayabusa Christie Jann Honoka See it in action. Screenshots and videos . Images Videos More.

Dead Or Alive 6 Releases With $93 Season Pass Workforce Ninja has launched the 1st season move for Lifeless or Alive 6, and it fees greater than the sport itself. Lifeless or Alive 6 launched as of late at a retail worth of $60 USD, whilst its Season Cross 1-which went are living virtually straight away after the sport launched-costs $93 USD DEAD OR ALIVE 6. 1-30 of 62 Matches. 1 2 3 Sort By. Release Date (Newest First) Release Date (Oldest First) Title (Z-A) Title (A-Z) Price (High-Low) Price (Low-High) Genre. Action. Fighting [Revival] DOA6 High Society Costume Set. Add-On. PS4. $33.49 [Revival] DOA6 School Uniform Set. Add-On . PS4. $33.49. DOA6 Design Contest 2019 Costume Set. Add-On. PS4. $18.99. DOA6 Character: Tamaki. News Release-Termin 27. Mär 2019 / 11:30 Michael Sosinka. Die Online-Lobbies für Dead or Alive 6 verspäten sich auf den April 2019, da noch etwas mehr Feinschliff betrieben werden muss.Koei Tecmo Games und Team Ninja haben bekannt gegeben, dass die Online-Lobbies für Dead or Alive 6 auf allen Plattformen erst in einem Update im April 2019 nachgereicht werden Dead or Alive 6 is a fighting game developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo in the Dead or Alive series as a sequel to Dead or Alive 5.The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 1, 2019. DOA6 was praised for its polished gameplay, battle arenas, and its beginners-friendly tutorials, but was criticized for its multiplayer functions as well as. Dead or Alive 6 will arrive on March 1. It was originally set to release on Feb. 15, but was delayed. The game is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Dead or Alive 6 Traile

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PlayStation 4 releases Dead or Alive 6. Release name: Dead or Alive 6: Platform: PlayStation 4: Region: United States: Developer: Team Ninja: Publisher: Koei Tecmo: Release date: March 1, 2019 Product code: None: Company code: None: Rating: Minimum Players: 1: Maximum Players: N/A : Resolutions: N/A Sound Systems: N/A Singleplayer Features: N/A Multiplayer Features: N/A Widescreen Support: No. Dead or Alive 6 was released today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The first reviews of the title have already appeared on the web, suggesting that we are dealing with a solid production, but a bit too similar to its predecessor. The PlayStation 4 release currently has an average of 76% on Metacritic. Dead or Alive 6 - Review The Dead or Alive 6 Release Date is set to be somewhere in early 2019, an update related to the game is however scheduled to be revealed by June 11th, 2018. The game will be released on the PlayStation 4, the XBOX One and the PC

Team Ninja has done it again and released the fourth season pass for its fighting game Dead or Alive 6 in less than a year, making it potentially one of the most expensive current gen games on the.. Despite the release date pushback, we're looking forward to playing as both NiCO and Diego when Dead or Alive 6 release in March. Nureltro™ was created for everyone, including gamers. It is an advanced, next-generation nootropic supplement designed to maximize your minds' potential. Take your brain and game to the next level of health and performance. Posted in News Tagged #Dead or Alive. Dead or Alive 6 released today at a retail price of $60 USD, while its Season Pass 1-which went live almost immediately after the game launched-costs $93 USD. For that staggeringly high price point, you'll net yourself over 60 costumes for the roster of fighters included in Dead or Alive 6 at launch, as well as two new additional characters that will release sometime between Mach and. Koei Tecmo has said that Dead or Alive 6 will release for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 on February 15th 2019. So we have around 5 months to go. In fairness, while that might seem like quite a long..

Alongside the release date, co-developer of the game Team Ninja announced pre-order bonuses for Dead or Alive 6. By pre-ordering the game, PlayStation 4 players will receive an additional playable character named Nyotengu alongside a Dead or Alive 6 bonus theme. Xbox One players who pre-order will also unlock Nyotengu as well as a bonus costume for Ryu Hayabusa Dead or Alive 6 Unlock Costumes Guide. Unlocking costumes isn't as straightforward as you might like in Dead or Alive 6. In fact, the process has raised some complaints due to the high costs and random nature. There are two main components you need to acquire to upgrade a costume: The Costume Parts that make that costume, and; Player Points. New Dead or Alive 6 Release Date Confirmed Instead, Koei Tecmo has confirmed that Dead or Alive 6 will now release worldwide on March 1, 2019 - not a huge delay then, but still a slip all the same The first trailer for Dead or Alive 6 has been revealed for the game showcasing gameplay footage, revealing some characters and most importantly a release date. Dead or Alive 6 is releasing in Japan on February 15, 2019. Check out the reveal trailer below. The trailer shows some characters that will be coming in the new game. The characters shown in the trailer are Ayane, Zack, Marie-Rose and. Dead or Alive 6 release date trailer is here. By Kevin Carignan September 10, 2018. Share; Tweet; Pin; Share; 0. At Sony's Tokyo Game Show lineup reveal show earlier today in Japan, a new Dead or Alive 6 trailer was shown off, revealing a bunch of new characters, as well as information on preorders and the Digital Deluxe version of the game. We get to see a little bit of the Story Mode for.

Dead or Alive 6, the latest entry in the series developed by Team Ninja, has been delayed, and it will now release a couple weeks later than originally scheduled Dead or Alive 6 is fast-paced 3D fighting game, featuring multi-tiered stages that create a competitive experience. The story will follow the events of DOA 5, focusing on 2 separate main narratives; namely, the battle between Ninja and DOATEC versus M.I.S.T. lead by Donovan, and the events that occur during the 6th Dead or Alive Tournament Das SJW DoA wird wohl sowas von gegen die Wand fahren. Die Fans hassen es. Soul Calibur 6 und Tekken 7 zeigen wie es richtig geht Momiji announced for Dead or Alive 6, releases September 19 Dead or Alive 6 Core Fighters passes 1.5 million downloads Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 14, 2019 at 7:12 a.m. PDT. Dead or Alive 6 was already slated for 2019, but now we have an official release date.The game will come out on February 15, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

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Coupled with the official release date, Team NINJA revealed the first details on the DEAD OR ALIVE 6 digital pre-order bonuses. PlayStation 4 owners who take advantage of pre-order sales will score a unique DOA Dead Or Alive 6 has had its release date re-scheduled to March 1st, 2019 DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Season Pass 1. DOA 6 has just been released and its First Season pass is already out. This Season Pass contains 62 new costumes and 2 new characters released during the period of March 2019 - June 2019 Namco Bandai has released the full patch notes for Dead or Alive 6 Update Version 1.02 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The patch can be downloaded right now. The full patch notes can be read here...

Dead or Alive 6 Reveals New Costume for Marie Rose; DeadDOA6 New Screens & Character Renders for Ayane, Marie RoseDead or Alive 4 - TFG ReviewTina Armstrong (Dead or Alive)Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate - TFG Review

Fists are set to fly in early 2019 as Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja announce the official release date for their highly-anticipated fighting game, Dead or Alive 6. Get ready to join the battle on Feb... Stream and download Release Date Trailer from Dead or Alive 6 in very high qualit Dead or Alive (Japanese: デッド オア アライブ, Hepburn: Deddo oa Araibu) is a media franchise based on a fighting video game series produced by Tecmo and developed by Team Ninja.It is primarily composed of fast-paced 3D fighting games that begun with the original Dead or Alive in 1996. DOA is the creation of Tomonobu Itagaki, who has since left the company and is no longer working on.

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